2022 Get Munching… restarting my Food Blog

Last year I wrote a post in 10 mins claiming that done is better than perfect and it was certainly a great way to get my thoughts down and get on with things quickly. I have since spotted a “to” when there should have been a “too” which annoys me, plus one or two (not “to” nor “too”) other typos, but otherwise I’m content with the piece.

So this year, let’s do more of those!

Update on me… I’m back at work part time (well full time but using holiday to work 3 days a week) and I’m expecting again which is very exciting. Baby “Buzz” is due in April so I’m trying to focus on a few projects at work where I can really deliver and go on maternity leave with a clear, “this is what I have achieved”.

This blog is a hodgepodge of things that I like; Events, Community, Food and Travel. With Covid and babies there hasn’t been many wild travel adventures or big events, and eating out has become more restricted… to lunch and coffees in places that have highchairs and where Leo can make a mess of the floor without too many up turned noses.

This year I want to start food blogging again and as I am still fairly new to Frome and the surrounding area, I’d like to focus on exploring what’s on the menu here. I’ll be honest, so far it’s a bit like digging for diamonds in the rough, but as I said, I’ve been limited in what I’ve been able to explore. I’ve been posting on my The Tale of a Teaspoon instagram page, but as you’ll see if you click through, it’s starting to be a lot of good junk food, the occasional healthier lunch find and a lot of home cooking.

I’d like to set little challenges / themes for my posts, like best brunch, or best coffee. I’m definitely keen for “Is there a Somerset burger to beat Burger Bear?” An eatery experience that makes me feel like “a grown up with my shit together” would be a fun one to research but I’d definitely need to ship Leo off to the childminder and have time to brush my hair and get out of my staple black maternity leggings. Ooooh I want to explore cider in the area – isn’t that one of the perks of living in Somerset(!?), and I’ve spotted an dark and moody, prohibition-style cocktail bar that I’d like to tryout, but those will have to wait until pregnancy and (fingers crossed) breastfeeding responsibilities are out of the way.

I’d also love to get some freebies. I know that’s very cheeky as I don’t have a huge reach (yet?) and I’m happy to pay my way and write simply as a hobby, but the odd free lunch or some pretty kitchen accessories to test out and write about would put a smile on my face. I also need to improve my food photography (maybe get a new phone because mine is OLD) because I’m aware that my IG doesn’t look that dazzling. And I need to just get on and start writing. 🙂

OK enough babble from me today.

2022 Get Munching… restarting my Food Blog