A weekly opportunity for me to babble on…

The Stache was the 3beards’ newsletter which went out weekly to circa 13,000 subscribers. You can see an example here.


I wrote the Beardy Babblings section each week giving the newsletter character. There was a short period where I took a step back from curating the Stache and open rates fell to circa 12% open rate. I got these figures back to 20% proving my assumption that people enjoy a more personal approach; further more the links in this section regularly got the highest click through rates (CTR).

“I am going to miss your Stache newsletters when you go, I have been giggling away to myself reading this.” Lena Robinson (Kiwi Gray

“I hope someone reads this. I just want to say I really enjoy the writing style of your emails. A newsletter I look forward to every week. There aren’t many of those.” Lex Oudijk (Lewis)

The Stache contained startup relevant information including events, jobs, interesting articles and office space. The “Trimmings” section was paid adverts which we occasionally gave free of charge for those doing something generous and really giving back to the community.

The Stache will be replaced with a Silicon Drinkabout newsletter at the start of 2017 that will celebrate startup news from around the world, highlighting the best startups, events, jobs and places to work. Sign up now!