💬 Events Management

I’ve always loved running events and have the natural ability for both business and imagination. I enjoy the nitty gritty details (budgeting, scheduling etc) as much as the chance to be creative; successful events run smoothly and most importantly, give guests an exceptionally special experience.

Events are a fantastic way to support and grow a community. During my time with 3beards, I ran Silicon Drinkabout, a networking event for startups, which I grew from 6 to 30+ cities around the world. Chew The Fat gave our community the chance to hear from successful founders like Eric Ries (The Lean Startup) and Joel Gascoigne (Buffer), and I enjoyed interviewing Chloe Macintosh, co-founder of Made.com.

I have launched a new project with the aim of bringing together amazing people in amazing places. The first experience, Mi Podere, will take place in Tuscany in April 2018 and applications are now open!

✏️ Writing

As you will see from my blog I love to write and below are a few examples of things I’ve written for other people.

⭐ Blogs for The Right Tutor Company

⭐ Content Curation for Unicorn Hunt 

I created the following interview series and also proofread and published other writers’ content.

⭐ Newsletters for 3beards / Silicon Drinkabout

I have written the 3beards newsletter for many years now and seen it through a steady evolution into what it is now. When I first inherited the role the newsletter was called The Stache and as you can see there was a fair amount of brown going on. We had a bit of a redesign and a little later changed the name to Silicon Readabout.

⭐ Social Media for Uptaste and Silicon Drinkabout 

I created beautiful, eye catching posts with relevant handles and hashtags plus scheduled evergreen posts using Buffer and Smarter Queue.

📷 Vlogging and Instagram

Whilst travelling in India, Indonesia and Japan, I tried my hand at a bit of travel vlogging, It’s a lot of work but I enjoyed it, and the results are really rewarding – I get to share my adventures with friends, family and anyone that’s interested in watching. More adventures planned for 2018!

I enjoy Instagram and whilst it’s already changed a lot in the past year I still see a lot of value in it as a marketing channel for business with a strong design aesthetic. I have two personal accounts: StargazerVics for travel and general, and TheTaleofATeaspoon for everything food related!

🍰 🍰 🍰

I’d love to help you with your event management and content needs, especially with a focus on food and travel. If you’re interested please get in touch.